• Tomasz Imielinski
  • Phone: 848.445.8358
  • Rutgers University-New Brunswick, School of Arts and Sciences
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  • Professor, Computer Science
  • Undergraduate Co-Director, Data Science
  • Areas of Expertise: Data mining, Database management. Search Engine Technology

Tomasz Imieliński graduated with B.E/M.E degree in electrical engineering from Politechnika Gdańska in Gdańsk, Poland, and received his PhD, in 1982, in computer science, from Polish Academy of Sciences, in Poland, His 1993 paper on association rules started the Association rule mining research area and is one of the most cited publications in computer science at over 21,000 citations. This paper received the 2003 Test of Time ACM SIGMOD award.

Tomasz Imielinski is one of the two founding co-directors of the UG Data Science Program and a member of the Steering Committee. He will also be teaching course 01:198:142/01:960:142 Data101/Data Literacy.