I 01:198:142/ 01:960:142 Data 101/ Data literacy Some math knowledge
II 01:960:291 Statistical inference for data science 01:198:142/ 01:960:142
III 01:198:210 Data management for data science 01:198:142/ 01:198:111
01:960:295 Data management and wrangling with R 01:198:142/ 01:960:142
04:547:221 Fundamentals of big data curation & management, pending revision 01:198:142/ 01:960:142
IV+ 01:198:310 1 credit capstone - default option I, II, and III
01:220:323 1 credit capstone for economics I, II, and III


IV. Domain classes (check department for prerequisites)


Course #Course Name
01:198:439 Introduction to Data Science (and 198:310 capstone)
01:220:322 Econometrics (and 220:323 capstone)
01:447:302 Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics (and 198:310 capstone)
01:447:303 Computational Genetics of Big Data (and 198:310 capstone)
01:450:320 Spatial Data Analysis (and 198:310 capstone)
01:450:321 Geographic Information Systems (and 198:310 capstone)
01:450:330 Geographical Research Methods (and 198:310 capstone)
01:640:350 Linear Algebra (and 198:310 capstone)
01:640:477 Mathematical Theory of Probability (and 198:310 capstone)
01:640:478 Introduction to Stochastic Processes (and 198:310 capstone)
01:640:481 Mathematical Theory of Statistics (and 198:310 capstone)
01:750:345 Computational Astrophysics (and 198:310 capstone)
01:790:391 Data Science for Political Science (and 198:310 capstone)
01:830:400 Advanced Statistical Methods in Psychology (and 198:310 capstone)
01:830:403 Programming for Behavioral Scientists (and 198:310 capstone)
04:547:321 Information Visualization (and 198:310 capstone)
01:960:365 Bayesian Data Analysis (and 198:310 capstone)
01:960:463 Regression Methods (and 198:310 capstone)
01:960:486 Computing and Graphics in Applied Statistics (and 198:310 capstone)
- Other, to be determined


Data Science UG Certificate Course Planner/Navigator


CompletionSpring Semester startFall Semester Start
In 3 semesters Spring: Data 101 (CS142) Fall: Data 101(CS142)
Fall: Stats inference (Stats291) and Data Management class (CS210/Stats295) Spring: Data Management class (CS210/Stats295) and Domain class(choose)
Next Spring: Domain class(choose) plus Capstone(CS310) Next Fall: Stats inference (Stats291) plus Capstone(CS310)/(Econ323)
In 4 semesters Spring: Data 101(CS142) Fall: Data 101(CS142)
Fall: Stats inference (Stats291) Spring: Data Management class (CS210/Stats295)
Next Spring: Data Management class (CS210/Stats295) Next Fall: Stats inference (Stats291)
Next Fall: Domain class(choose) plus Capstone(CS310)/(Econ323) Next Spring: Domain class(choose) plus Capstone(CS310)