The Bachelor of Arts in Data Science at Rutgers provides students with a strong foundation in data literacy, statistical inference, data management, and information and data management principles. The program has two tracks, Statistics and Societal Impact, each with unique requirements. The Statistics track includes calculus, computer science, and advanced statistics courses. The Societal Impact track includes courses in regression methods, computing, IT and informatics, and courses that are built to equip students to take on the role of a data scientist. The program prepares students for a career in data science with a focus on statistical analysis, data management, and information and data management principles.

Students must complete the Foundational courses and choose from one of the BA degree options, along with completing the SAS CORE requirements.

There is no precedence order except for the normal prerequisites for the courses. Information is subject to change, please consult advisors.

Foundational Courses

 UPDATES (as of December 2023)

  • The 01:960:291. Statistical Inference for Data Science requirement has been expanded to include any of the following: 01:960:212 Statistics II, OR 01:960:384 Intermediate Statistical Analysis (Formerly 960:380), OR 33:136:385 Statistical Methods in Business.
  • The 01:198:336 Principles of Information and Data Management has been dropped for the Statistics, Economics, and Societal Impact tracks of the Data Science major but retained for the Computer Science track. 


BA - Statistics (Code: NB219TJ)


BA - Societal Impact (Code: NB219OJ)


Declaration of Major

Requirements: To declare the Data Science Major, students must successfully complete these three foundational courses: Data 101, Statistical Inference, and Data Management course.

School of Arts and Science (SAS) students can add the Data Science to MyMajor 

Other Rutgers- New Brunswick Students (non-SAS students): For students in other schools, it is essential to complete the required forms corresponding to your school to include the Data Science major in your academic journey officially. Here are the links to the respective forms: