Admission to the Data Science Major

All undergraduate students admitted to RU New-Brunswick are eligible to pursue either the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

Declaration of Major

To declare the major -for both the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees-  students must complete the three foundational courses outlined below (with a Grade of C or better) and decide on one of the four available tracks, and finally complete the forms according to their specific school.

For SAS Students

For the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) students, you can conveniently add the Data Science major to your academic plan using MyMajor.

For Other Rutgers-New Brunswick Students

For students in other schools, it is essential to complete the required forms corresponding to your school to include the Data Science major in your academic journey officially. Here are the links to the respective forms:

Double Majors

  • There are currently no Data Science restrictions on double majors.
  • Computer Science Major (198/198S) and Data Science Major – any track (Computer Science track (219S)/ Economics track (219E)/Statistics track (219T)/Societal Impact track (219O) may be combined as a Double Major.

Major/Minor Restrictions

UPDATE  ( as of 11/15/'23)

  • Computer Science (198) Minor and Data Science Major – any track (Computer Science track (219S)/ Economics track (219E)/Statistics track (219T)/Societal Impact track (219O) may be combined as a Major/Minor combination.
  • Computer Science Major (198/198S) may be combined with Data Science (219) Minor (any track) for a Major/Minor combination.

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